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30 ruling change Netherlands

The 30% tax ruling for highly-skilled migrant workers in the Netherlands will undergo a change. Find out what will change and how this will affect you. Request professional advice from an expert in international taxes. Witlox ITA is at your service to help you understand and file your taxes while living and working abroad.

How will the 30% ruling in the Netherlands change?

If you are a highly-skilled worker living in the Netherlands, you are eligible to a tax advantage, the so-called 30% tax ruling. This advantage means that your employers can offer you 30% of your income tax-free to offset the costs of relocation. However, the government in the Netherlands has decided to change the 30% ruling. Starting January 1, 2019, expats will only be eligible for this tax advantage for five years, instead of eight years. Why this change to the 30% tax ruling? Because research has shown that the majority of expats are already claiming this advantage for just five years.

Ask us about the repercussions of this rule change

The Netherlands has decided that the change to the 30% ruling applies to both newcomers and exciting expats. Do you think you will be affected? Let us know and we will find out what the repercussions are for your income and tax returns. If you have not yet applied for this tax advantage, we will help you file for it. Let us know how we can be of service. Call +31 (0)412-644 898.

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