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30 ruling Rotterdam

Do you need more information about the 30% tax ruling and are you looking for a reliable tax advisor who also works in Rotterdam? Why not contact Witlox International Tax Advice? Founder Maurice Witlox is willing to help you and answer all your questions concerning the 30% tax ruling, even if you work or live in Rotterdam.

Witlox International Tax Advice for information about 30% tax ruling in Rotterdam

Are you a foreign employee who works at a Dutch company? Then it is good to know everything about the Dutch tax system. However, it might be difficult to find the information that is applicable for your situation. Some professional advice of a reliable advisor may be desirable. Witlox International Tax Advice is established in order to help foreign employees with tax issues, such as the 30% tax ruling. This ruling means that 30% of an employee’s gross salary is being paid without any taxes withheld. In case you would like to know if you meet the criteria for this tax ruling, it is recommendable to ask a tax advisor for some more information. You will find your advisor at Witlox International Tax Advice.

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Do you need more information about the 30% tax ruling and the services Witlox International Tax Advice offers in Rotterdam? Please call +31 (0)412-644 898 in order to receive the information and advice you need.

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