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Dutch tax advisor foreign employee

Are you looking for a Dutch tax advisor who is specialised in taxes issues that concerns a foreign employee? You are probably looking for Witlox International Tax Advice. Established in 2000, founder Maurice Witlox wanted to offer a variety of services for foreign employees who work at a Dutch company and have to deal with tax issues. Are you, as a foreign employee, in a difficult tax related situation? Then Witlox International Tax Advice has the Dutch tax advisor for you.

Witlox International Tax Advice: Dutch tax advisor for foreign employee

When you start working in The Netherlands, at a Dutch company, you probably have to pay Dutch taxes. After each calendar year, an employee has to file an income tax return, which might be a difficult task. Witlox International Tax Advice is there to help foreign employees with filling in the application forms and give them some reliable advice about their specific tax situation. Sending a brochure with the up to date taxation rules is also included in the service we offer.

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Looking for a Dutch tax advisor who can help each foreign employee with difficult tax issues? Witlox International Tax Advice is the company you can count on. If you need some help, information or advice, please call +31 (0)412-644 898. A tax questionnaire can be downloaded on our website.

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