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Thanks to a Dutch tax advisor, you will never have to worry about filling the tax forms out incorrectly. Witlox International Tax Advice was founded in 2000 and strives to help every expat working in the Netherlands to fill out their taxes correctly. We do not only provide you with financial and fiscal advice specific for your situation, it is also possible to let us fill out your tax returns completely. Even for your spouse!

A Dutch tax advisor who knows everything about your tax form

A Dutch tax advisor knows everything about the Dutch tax system and helps you with filling out the tax form correctly thanks to a clear questionnaire. One of the main tax rules that is important for expats working in the Netherlands, is the 30% ruling. This particular ruling states that expats get a substantial tax advantage. It means 30% of the gross income is paid without any taxes being withheld. For the expat, this results in a higher net spendable income to offset the costs of relocation to the Netherlands.

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At Witlox International Tax Advice we try to offer a full service package. This means we are not just a tax advisor that helps filling out Dutch tax forms, we also provide other services. Think about an expat visa or tax refunds for expats who work at Schiphol. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Please call us on +31 (0)412-644 898.

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