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Dutch tax C form

Are you wondering where you can find a Dutch tax C form and how you can fill it in? Do not hesitate and ask a reliable tax advisor for some help. You can find a tax advisor at Witlox International Tax Advice. The main goal of this company is to help every single foreign employee who works in The Netherland with their tax issues, such as requesting and filling in a Dutch tax C form.

Dutch tax C form: for whom?

In case you are a foreign employee who is working at a Dutch company, you might have heard about the Dutch tax C form. This is form must be filed for tax return. However, not every foreign employee has to file in a Dutch tax C form. This form must be requested if a non-resident taxpayer has received an invitation to file a tax return and does not use an online tax return. The form should be filled in and handed in before the deadline. Witlox International Tax Advice can help you with the application, if needed.

Call for help

Do you, as a foreign employee, need some help with the application of a Dutch tax C form? Witlox International is there for you. Please call +31 (0)412-644 898. We like to tell you all about our services.

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