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Dutch tax P form

Do you need to fill in and hand in a Dutch tax P form? In case you work as a foreign employee at a Dutch company, you have to pay Dutch taxes. However, each situation requires a different form and it may be difficult to discover which form you need. Luckily, you can rely on the services of Witlox International Tax Advice. We know exactly which tax form you need.

When do you need a Dutch tax P form?

Filing the Dutch tax returns is not easy, especially not when you are an expat who needs to fill out the income tax return. For example, you have to fill out a tax return form for Dutch taxes if you have worked as an expat in The Hague. If you have worked in a regular employment situation and have resided in the Netherlands for the entire fiscal year, then you need to fill out a Dutch tax P form. If you do not have the opportunity to fill out this form online, you also need a Dutch tax C form.

Request some help with filling out your forms

Are you not sure which form you need or do you need some help filling in the Dutch tax P form? Just call Witlox International Tax Advice on +31 (0)412-644 898 for detailed information. We are happy to help you with one of our services, for example an expat visa

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