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Expat visa

If you have an expat visa and are working for a Dutch company, your tax returns needs to be done with an M-form. As a result of your immigration or emigration from the Netherlands, you have not spend the entire tax year within the borders. This means you are not allowed to file your tax returns digitally. If you have any concerns about the required information, make sure to contact Witlox International Tax Advice. We are an expert on filling out the Dutch M-forms for expats who work on a visa.

Taxes for an expat are dependent on their visa and residence

The tax rules are different for expats who have a working visa. If you are working for a Dutch company, your wage will be disbursed under Dutch tax laws. One of the rules is the duration of residence in the Netherlands. For example, a student working at Schiphol during their semester abroad needs to fill out the M-form for their Dutch taxes. However, an expat who has a working visa and has worked at a Dutch company for over two years, can fill out their tax return online. If you want us to fill out your entire tax return, we will send a questionnaire to acquire all the necessary information.

We help you with a variety of tax issues

We find it very important that expats have the ability to enjoy their stay in the Netherlands without troubles when it comes to their Dutch taxes or filing the M-form. The tax consultants at Witlox International Tax Advice help you with a variety of issues, such as tax returns for US greencard holders. Make sure to contact us by calling +31 (0)412-644 898.  

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