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Are you an expat in need of a reliable tax consultant from the Netherlands that provides help with filling out Dutch tax forms? Witlox International Tax Advice is the advisor you need when working in the Netherlands as an expat. If you are experiencing difficulties with filling out your tax forms that are required in the Netherlands, our tax advisors are happy to assist you and explain the Dutch tax system.

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At Witlox International Tax Advice we hope each expat who works in the Netherlands enjoys their stay and likes their job. However, taxes need to be paid according to certain rules as well. Being knowledgeable about all these different rules may be rather overwhelming, think of the 30% tax ruling. If you are in need of an internationally-oriented tax advisor or consultant in the Netherlands who can help you with the needed forms and provide you with advice, please contact Witlox International Tax Advice. We help you with your Dutch tax returns and give reliable advice about your specific financial and tax situation. Please do not wait for too long and contact us if you do not know how to handle in your specific kind of tax situation.

What services are offered?

Since 2000, our tax consultants are helping every foreign employee who has difficulties with handling their tax issues. Do you need to know how you have to file a form for a tax return in the Netherlands? Are you not sure which application form is suitable for your specific kind of tax situation? Witlox International Tax Advice has an answer for every single question concerning the Dutch tax system. Our tax consultants answer your questions about several tax-related issues, such as:

  • Taxes for US expats
  • Expat visa and other Dutch forms
  • Tax refunds when working at Schiphol

Witlox International Tax Advice is known for its personal approach and one-on-one contact. You can rely on its services in case you have difficulties with your tax issues.

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Are you searching for an international tax advisor based in the Netherlands who can help you with your tax issues and forms? You will find him at Witlox International Tax Advice, a tax consultant based in the Netherlands. We offer a full service to foreign employees working at a Dutch company. Besides information about taxes, you can also ask for advice regarding work permits, visa, school enrolment and house hunting. For any questions about your situation, please call +31 (0)412-644 898.

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