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Netherlands tax refund expat

Are you temporary working in The Netherlands and do you want to know how applying for a tax refund works for an expat? Why not contact a reliable tax advisor for some good advice, information and help? Witlox International Tax Advice is there for every foreign employee who has to deal with difficult tax issues.

Working in The Netherlands: tax refund for expat

In case you work in The Netherlands as an expat, you have to handle with tax issues such as tax refund. Witlox International Tax Advice is aware of the fact that the Dutch tax system might be completely different from the one you were used to in your own country. Finding the right form to file for the right tax refund may be quite difficult. Therefore, some advice and information is a necessary evil. For every difficulty with any tax issue you can rely on the services of Witlox International Tax Advice. We are more than willing to send you the forms you need and help you with the submission.

Information about school enrolment or work permits

Are you going to study in The Netherlands or would you like to know which work permits and questionnaires for tax refund you need as an expat? Witlox International Tax Advice is the company you should call for some reliable advice and information. You can reach us by calling +31 (0)412-644 898.

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