Requesting 30% ruling

Foreign employees hired by a Dutch company can be entitled to the so-called 30% tax ruling. Under this ruling, 30% of your gross income is being paid without any taxes withheld on that part, so your nett spendable income is much higher.

Witlox ITA can offer you the following services in the 30% tax ruling:

  • Checking and explaining the application of the ruling, based on the information obtained from a questionnaire send by you
  • Filing the request for the 30% ruling on behalf of the employer and employee concerned
  • Check if all relevant info has been included.
  • Check if the granted approval is in line with the request filed
  • In case the ruling is not granted, file an appeal in case we expected a different outcome
  • Explaining how you can exchange the foreign drivers' license into a Dutch license.

  • Witlox ITA can check if you meet the criteria for this advantageous tax ruling and can file a request when a positive outcome can be expected. Upon request a quote to file a tax return and/or application of 30% ruling can be given.

    The application for the 30% rule must be made within four months after starting the job. If the application is made after the four months period, the ruling can only be granted from the next month after the application. This longer period is then deducted from the maximum period of 8 years.

    For other elements than salary you can also choose for the so-called partial taxation, depending on whether you are a resident taxpayer or a non-resident taxpayer. Partial taxation means that only a limited number of income elements are taxed in The Netherlands.

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